Most Games, 200 Or More Yards Rushing, Career Record Holders

Holder and Team Most Games, 200 Or More Yards Rushing, Career
O.J. Simpson, Buffalo, 1969-1977; San Francisco, 1978-796
Jim Brown, Cleveland, 1957-19654
Earl Campbell, Houston, 1978-1984; New Orleans, 1984-854
Barry Sanders, Detroit, 1989-19984
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego, 2001-054
Tiki Barber, N.Y. Giants, 1997-20054
Eric Dickerson, L.A. Rams, 1983-87; Indianapolis, 1987-1991; L.A. Raiders, 1992; Atlanta, 19933
Greg Bell, Buffalo, 1984-87; L.A. Rams, 1987-89; L.A. Raiders, 19903
Terrell Davis, Denver, 1995-20013
Corey Dillon, Cincinnati, 1997-2003; New England, 2004-053
Marshall Faulk, Indianapolis, 1994-98; St. Louis, 1999-20053

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